The preservation of Tibetan culture is especially important because Tibet has been occupied by Chinese communist forces for the last fifty years.  During this period Tibetan culture has been suppressed in its native land.  

Children at the ITBCI School are taught Tibetan language, and traditional Tibetan drawing, dance and music.  In 1961 the school introduced the Snow-Lion Cultural Performing Arts Programme.  The snow lion (a mythological animal) symbolises Tibet itself, and appears on Tibet's national flag.

(Watch our students performing the Snow Lion Dance in Kalimpong)

The school's cultural programs have expanded to include performances incorporating the three-stringed lute and hammer dulcimer, as well as drums.  As they develop their skills, children gradually learn folk stories and the religious significance of the dances and songs. 

Children from the school have performed in many locations in India, as well as in Europe. (See Tibetan Kids Make French Connection).

Some graduates from the school have gone on to become successful musicians overseas Some graduates from the school have gone on to become succesful musicians overseas  (Check out one of our graduate who is now based in France) or toured Europe with Tibetan dance groups like  Gangjong Doeghar.
Students wait to perform at the School Concert
Students performing dances at various shows
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