A Village, yet closer to town - a feel of serenity, spirituality and comfort, you, your family, friends and loved ones would surely experience at Dhardo Retreat - cum - Lodge in Echhey, Kalimpong.

In the outskirt of Kalimpong town ,hardly 6k.m away , a sleepy village known as ECHHEY,at a height of 4600 ft. which once ; a century and a half year ago in year 1880, was well known for hermitages retreat centers now in the very sacred soil , a small lodge cum- Retreat called DHARDO RETREAT is a dream come true for all those who wish to feel the difference in a freshly, serene rural environment and to some for seeking solace in spiritual practice in this truly blessed historical location .



Room Tariff

Discount given on room tariff for package groups availing sight seeing or trekking conducted by Dhardo Retreat

Charges for Retreat Stays


Duration of Stay Cost per day
(Indian Rupees)
Meal Charges
1 to 3 weeks 340 Charges as per Menu
4 to 6 weeks 280 Charges as per Menu
2 to 3 months 220 Charges as per Menu
4 to 6 months 190 Charges as per Menu





Sight seeing and trekking :-

A package trip of three days, one day each on different locations for sight seeing around the important tourist spots of Kalimpong and its surrounding areas and short trekking one day each for three days for those interested will be provided by the DHARDO RETREAT with guides on demand.

How to reach

The Dhardo retreat is located at Echhey, 13.5 mile on the highway Reshi road 6 k.m from Kalimpong town towards Algarah and is around 68 k.m from Siliguri 2 hrs;82k.m from NJP railway station 2.45 hrs and 85 k.m from Bagdogra airport 3 hrs.

For booking and more information please contact cell, no. 09932915420 and our e-mail address lwangdibhutia@gmail.com website: www.itbci.org/drc.html

Postal Address:
The Dhardo Retreat Centre
Lhuendup Villa, 13.5 Mile, Echhey                  
P.O.Kalimpong - 734301
West Bengal, India








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Dhardo Rimpoche at the Retreat Centre1
Night Lights
Thatched Gazebo
The Retreat Centre
The Retreat Centre1



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The Dhardo Retreat Centre
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