Why the school was founded
The Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute (ITBCI) School was started in 1954 by the late Dhardo Rimpoche (1918-90).  He wanted to provide a sound education for children from poor Tibetan families, as well as passing on Tibetan culture and Buddhist values to the young people. 

The school today
Over the years the size of the school has expanded, and now has over 300 students.  Alongside Tibetan pupils there are now Bhutias, Bhutanese, Sikkimese, Lepchas, Tamangs, Gurkhas, Nepalis, Assamese and Bihari pupils. 

As well as teaching the Tibetan language and culture, students other than Tibetans can learn Nepali as second language.  English is the teaching medium for standard curriculum subjects.  This opens opportunities for further education and career development. 

Games and physical education are also a significant part of the school's activities.  The school has a mini-football team which takes part in local tournaments. 

Boarding facilities
There are about seventy borders, some of whom are orphans, and some are boarding because their parents migrate seasonally to find work.  Borders are treated with much love and care - being regarded as part of one large family.  Alongside the boarders, Mr Jampel Kaldhen (the Principal) and his family live on site, as do a number of others who help run the school. 

Sponsorship and subsidies
Due to the generosity of donors the fees are kept very low.  The low fees mean that children from poorer families can attend.  For families that cannot even afford the school's low-level fees, special allowances can be made, again due to the generosity of donors. 

Karuna Trust, the principal donor, has been funding the school since 1986.

Additionally Mr Klaus Wagener has arranged sponsorship for over 41 children, and helped develop the school’s infrastructure.  [Mr Wagener is also the driving force behind the Deutsch-Sikkimesischer Forderverein (German-Sikkim Association), a non-government organization that has been helping vulnerable children since 1993.]

There are also several smaller donors.  If you would like to give to the school, please go to the donations page.  Any contribution you make will be very welcome. 
Our Students
Mr. Jampel Kaldhen & his family who look after the school
Mr. Klaus Wagener, Mr. Harald Meyer & Mr. Jampel Kaldhen
The Old School
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